Students taking the CBSE board exams. Image Credit: A.K Kallouche/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: CBSE exams will continue as usual in the UAE, despite some postponement of tests in India due to the Delhi riots, an official told Gulf News on Wednesday.

CBSE Counsellor, Professor M. Abu Bakr, who is principal of Scholars Indian School in Ras Al Khaimah said, “It’s not effected. Grade 10 students are already writing their exams this morning.”

Given that students will be simultaneously sitting the same test across India and the Gulf, there had been fears among parents in the UAE that their child’s test would be postponed due to cancellations in parts of Delhi.

However, Gulf News now understands Delhi students who have had their tests postponed will get a different test paper to sit at a later date, to avoid cheating and the chance of test papers getting leaked.

Gulf News obtained an urgent press notice from the CBSE in India on Tuesday that stated some English, web and media exams would be postponed in the north eastern part of Delhi on Wednesday. A total of 86 schools were named as being effected by the postponement in the document signed by CBSE secretary Anurag Tripathi.

Delhi is not the only region where CBSE exams have been postponed. Schools in Bahrain are also closed for two weeks due to a coronavirus outbreak and as a result exams there have also been delayed.