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An increasing number of parents consider a UK education as a stepping stone to university Image Credit: Supplied

The UK Boarding School specialists, Anderson Education, have been organising the UK Boarding School Exhibitions in Dubai (since 2006), Nigeria and Ghana every year. The Education Consultants at Anderson Education offer to families free advice and guidance based on their extensive experience and research gained from visiting over 350 UK boarding schools.

They are able to recommend schools to meet the individual needs of each child and his/her family. Moreover they have more than 25 years’ experience of working with overseas families and international students and regularly visit countries in the Middle East and West Africa to meet with families.

“Our service is personal to each individual family and their situation. We are a small loyal team with over 50 years’ experience between us! Our 20th UK Boarding School Exhibition will be held in Dubai in February 2020. This well-established event is well known to families living in the Gulf region and is popular with UK schools,” says Sara Sparling, Education Consultant.

Many parents meet delegates from UK boarding schools at the exhibition; many others from different parts of the world contact Anderson Education through their website and directory of boarding schools website round the year. According to Sparling, families in the Middle East consider a UK Boarding school for their wards due to some reasons that haven’t changed since 2006.

An increasing number of parents consider a UK education as a stepping stone to university and prefer their children to attend a UK boarding school in the sixth form where in the last two years of school they gain the confidence and independence while still in a safe environment as they prepare for university. Another reason is the stability during the last two years if the parents think they might move residence. Children with special educational needs are also sent to special supportive boarding schools in the UK, where there are many mainstream schools with special education departments and specialist schools.

“It is very rewarding to help families and receive their feedback thanking us when their children are settled in a school. We receive many warm testimonials from the families who have used our services in the past years. Families who want to avail our service should attend the exhibition and meet delegates from a variety of boarding schools from all over the UK,” urges Sparling.

About 25 schools ensuring a wide range of options including Girl/Boys/Co Ed; Prep/Senior/Independent College; A-Levels/IB/Btec; schools with strength in sport and the Arts; schools with excellent Learning Support Departments; state boarding schools and a good geographical spread, are visiting the exhibition. These schools get advice from Anderson Education consultants on how to prepare for and market their schools in the Middle East.

Each year Anderson Education is instrumental in placing in UK boarding schools, over 120 students of which 65% are from the Middle East. They also work with British Forces families worldwide and have recently been approved to be supported by the British Government Department for International Trade and use their logo ‘Proud to support – Education is Great’ on their materials.

Anderson Education; the UK Boarding School Directory is available from British Council offices, bookshops, clubs, schools and online. Up to date information is available on the website for and

— By Latha Krishnan