Tom Crombie Image Credit: Supplied

What is the virtual event being hosted by My Online Schooling called and why do you feel an event of its kind is well timed for the education sector?

The event is called Accessing British Education in the Gulf Region. We have been delivering the British curriculum online to primary and secondary pupils for over 5 years now however, post-pandemic, families are considering different options for their children's education. Online learning is going to play a pivotal part in the future of education and My Online Schooling brings together a community of learners from all corners of the globe in one innovative and inclusive school. We have a thriving community of students from the Middle East and we look forward to discussing the power of online learning in accessing British education from the region.

How do you see students and parents in the Middle East, and specifically here in the UAE benefiting from the online event being hosted by My Online Schooling?

We currently have hundreds of students in the Middle East with the majority residing in the UAE. In early 2022 we will be the first British international online to be based in Dubai and we are excited to create more opportunities for students in the region to join our Middle East school. We are one of the world's leading online schools and we deliver the full British curriculum to primary and secondary aged pupils across the globe. Our Wellbeing and Additional Support Needs departments support any student to access our full curriculum, irrespective of their need.

What are the broad topics that are going to be discussed at the event?

We will discuss the benefits of a British education and the power of online schooling to enable students to access an innovative education of excellence. We will be talking about the changes in education post-pandemic and the role that digital innovation will have in 21st Century education. We will also cover the global desire for blended learning amongst international schools and the benefits of a hybrid model of in person and online education. We will also talk about the rise of online education in the Middle East and the level of interest in British education in the region.

Join us at our virtual event, Accessing British Education in the Gulf Region, on November 11, at 6pm, Dubai time to learn more about the changing model of education. Visit