Dubai: An East European woman who has been held in custody for three years in the UAE faces an uncertain future, said Dubai Police on Tuesday.

The woman said she has been declined entry to her country because she has no original identification to prove her identity.

Dr Brigadier Mohammad Al Murr, Head of Human Rights Department in Dubai Police, said the woman was supposed to leave the country in 2014 when a court ordered her to be deported.

“We don’t know what her nationality yet, we just know she is from an East European country. She has been in Dubai for three years now but we are working to solve her problem,” Brigadier Al Murr told Gulf News.

The 27-year-old woman came to Dubai in 2011 on a visit visa and she was arrested later for staying in the country illegally and was deported to Kyrgyzstan as she was carrying their passport.

She entered the UAE again in 2014 in an illegal way crossing a land border point in the UAE and was arrested by Dubai Police for returning to the country after deportation.

“We sent her to her country on the passport again but they refused to welcome her saying that the passport is fake and she is not their citizen. She returned back to Dubai and is still in jail waiting for her problem to be resolved,” Brigadier Al Murr said.

She told Dubai Police that she is from an East Europe country but she doesn’t have any ID or birth certificate as her parents left their original country in the nineties to Kyrgyzstan.

Dubai Police is coordinating with the council of the country which she claimed she was born originally but the council told them that they don’t have any data on her.

“They asked us to keep her in Dubai for the moment until they search as the country has many small villages and they need time to search. They asked us not to deport her to any country until they finish their search,” he added.

However, the woman has spent 3 years in limbo now and police are looking for other solutions.

“We contacted an international organisation to list her as an immigrant in order to find a country for her if her country failed in their search,” Brig Al Murr said.