Top officials of Dubai Health Authority with the Future Enterprise Award 2022. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has won the Future Enterprise Award 2022 for its E-Connected Healthcare Model towards COVID-19 response.

The objective of the award is to recognise companies and individuals from the technology ecosystem in the Middle East that have demonstrated phenomenal excellence in the field of implementing pioneering technological practices.

DHA won the award for introducing an innovative operational model that combines digital systems and data originating from the public and private healthcare providers under one platform. This helped in providing accurate real-time data to support fact-based decision-making and led to implementing an innovative work model based on the electronic link that the authority established between the public and private health sectors to achieving the fastest and most agile response to the pandemic.

This electronic link between the health systems had a great impact in enhancing the capacity of Dubai’s health sector in terms of hospitalisation, quarantine and testing while reducing the time taken to issue reports and take decisions through unifying efforts between the public and private sectors.

It significantly helped achieve business continuity and enhance health services during the pandemic.

Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, Director General of DHA, said that the efforts towards utilising digitisation for enhanced agility is in line with the vision of the emirate.

Al Ketbi said: “DHA is keen to foster a digital health ecosystem and this recognition highlights the resilience and agility with which we work towards the further development of the health sector with an aim to provide patients with the highest quality of patient-centered care using the latest advanced and technologies.”

Al Ketbi felicitated all DHA team members who contributed to the success of this initiative.

Dr Fatma Al Sharaf, Director, Corporate Quality and Excellence Department at DHA, said that the award recognises the agility, resilience and pioneering technological enhancements implemented by the authority during the pandemic.