Pet walk in Dubai Marina
People join a walk at Dubai's Zabeel Park. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai's male population exceeds females more than two-fold, according to latest official population data.

The Dubai Statics Centre stated that there were 2.3 males for every female in Dubai at the end of the first quarter of 2019, the latest for which official figures are available.

Total population in Dubai stood at 3.232 million as of Q1 2019 — a slight jump (1.25 per cent) from 2018 population data, official figures show.

The male population as of 2019 (first quarter) stood 2.256 million while the female population stood at 976,000 in the emirate.

In terms of decade-ago comparison, Dubai’s population in 2019 represent a significant 82-per cent jump from 1.770 million 10 years ago — in 2009.

While the Dubai population ratio has always been tilted in men’s favour, due to the high population of expatriate bachelors especially from Asian countries involved in the construction sector, the Dubai gender balance has already improved over the years.

During that year (2009), males outnumbered females 3.4 to 1 as there were 401,238 females against 1,369,740 males, according to DSC data.

For example, in the 2006, males outnumbered females three to one in Dubai, based on Dubai Municipality's statistics then.

Out of the total population of 1.421 million in 2006 in Dubai, 73 per cent or 911,000 were males while 27 per cent (330,000) are females.

According to first quarter 2019 DSC figures, thee 1,234 divorce certificates issued.