Digging of bodies, identifying fingerprints and collecting evidence underwater by specially trained personnel are the latest techniques being adopted by Dubai Police to crack down on crimes in the city’s water bodies.

A team of 20 experts from the Crime Scene Department in Dubai Police will undergo special training to develop their skills in collecting evidence from underwater crime scenes.

Police said this is the first endeavour of its kind in the region.

Major-General Dr Ahmad Eid Al Mansouri, director-general of Police’s Forensic Science and Criminology Department, said this team is part of Dubai police plan to shape the future of crime detection.

“We will have 20 experts comprising the underwater crime section,” Major General Al Mansouri said. The team expects to begin practice next year.

The launch of the underwater crime scene team was held in the presence of Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, and other officials.


The team will be trained for

Use of diving equipment.

Protecting the evidence.

Searching, collecting and putting the evidence in special containers.

Identifying fingerprints.

Challenges of investigating underwater:

Low visibility.

Weather changes.

Underwater wave conditions.