The accident at Al Khawaneej last Friday
The accident at Al Khawaneej last Friday Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai man who had a minor accident on his way to a mosque for Friday prayers was surprised when the police patrol asked him to go ahead with his prayers before they completed his accident report.

Emirati Nasser Al Balooshi, who took to Twitter to express his gratitude to Dubai Police for their gesture, said, “I had a minor accident at Al Khawaneej area in Dubai with no injuries. It was my fault, but the officers asked me to catch up with my prayers and then contact the tow truck to transport my damaged car to the agency for repair,” Al Balooshi told Gulf News.

He said the police contacted him after he finished his prayers and told him that his car was on its way to the repair agency.

“I didn’t miss my Friday’s prayer because of Dubai Police. Their attitude, respect and behaviour is something I want to thank them for,” he added.

How to report a minor accident in Dubai:

  • Download Dubai police app
  • Click on report an accident service
  • Enable location services
  • List vehicles involved in the minor accident
  • Choose the vehicle types
  • Take a photo of the damaged part of your vehicle and mention the cause of the incident
  • Enter the details about the driver responsible for the incident
  • Enter your contact details to receive the accident report.