Micky Jagtiani Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Micky Jagtiani, a leading business figure in the region and Chairman of Landmark Group, said that Dubai never let him down and he had no doubt that hosting Expo 2020 will go to Dubai.

“Since Dubai submitted its dossier to Expo 2020 bid, one can sense an elevated spirit, energy and confidence in the city’s ability to play host to the biggest global trade events.”

“As a resident of the city, I am naturally supporting Dubai’s victory,” Jagtiani said.

Highlighting the advantages of Dubai, he said since founding Landmark Group four decades ago, Dubai increasingly became a business hub linking the East and West.

"In this time, we have seen Dubai establish itself as a vital business, retail and tourism destination in the region. Occupying a unique geographical position, the Emirate is the gateway to the East and the West and is truly considered to be the land of opportunity and development,” he said.

According to Jagtiani, Dubai’s uniqueness lies in its diversity, accessibility, safety and modernity.

“It is truly a world-class city in terms of infrastructure and services. Supportive business and trade policies and strong investment in the various sectors have powered growth. And Dubai deserves and is always capable to host such mega event.”

He attributed all UAE and Dubai achievements to the exemplary foresight and inspiring vision of the leadership. "It has enabled our city to become an ideal location for an exposition that is global in its magnitude and sensibilities."

As a successful business retailer, Jagtiani has charted the group’s 40-year journey, with more than 1,600 stores spread across 22 million sq ft and a presence across 19 countries in the GCC, North Africa, Levant, India and Pakistan.

Citing an example on how Dubai is always pursuing different opportunities for progress and development, he remarked that on the retail and tourism front, unique initiatives such as The Dubai Shopping Festival, The Summer Surprises, Gitex, and other events have drawn over 10 million tourists last year. The success of these annual events, he said, is also a testament to Dubai’s readiness to be the host city for Expo 2020.

For Jagtiani: “Winning this (Expo 2020) event will truly put Dubai on the world map. It will also be a great way to showcase the potential the region has for many first time visitors”.

UAE’s success story is interlinked with Dubai in many ways, he said: “It demonstrates the progressive vision, foresight and ambition of the country’s leadership, and this is an important contributing factor to its chances of winning the bid.”

He added that Dubai has a great balance of traditional values and modern infrastructure. It has created an environment in which diverse cultures can exist and flourish together, in harmony. It offers the best of the Arab hospitality, combined with an open-business environment. These factors make Dubai a strong contender.

“Today every person living in the UAE is excited about Expo 2020.”

He added there will be a lot of work involved in preparing for the event. "I believe every industry will benefit from this and will do its utmost to ensure a very successfully Expo in Dubai.

“We will see a stronger growth in business and tourism across the UAE which will have a very positive impact on the economy.”

As for the role he can play in making Dubai's hosting of this event a resounding success, he said: “Landmark Group has been part of Dubai’s journey and witnessed its significant transformation and growth over the years. We are immensely proud to be a part of such a strong and progressive environment and have contributed to the city’s success through our unique concepts and business ideas.”

“Over the coming years, all effort will go towards ensuring that Dubai hosts the best Expo there has ever been. Particularly, the country’s retail and hospitality sectors are going to flourish. On our part, we will ensure that our businesses and workforce contribute strongly towards making expo 2020 a great success,” he added.

For Jagtiani, hosting this international event has a great implication on the people and country overall. He said: “Hosting Expo 2020 in Dubai is pride, achievement, success for the UAE while it mean for us partnership, opportunities and further growth.”