20200918 Dubai Courts
Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A Dubai-based model has asked for Dh6 million compensation from a property developer for misusing his picture in ads to sell properties owned by the developer.

According to the Dubai Courts, the model had signed a contract with the developer to use his picture for one year for the marketing of a new property project. He later discovered that the developer had used his picture on billboards across the emirate for three years.

“The agreement was to use one picture for one year in the marketing of a new property project. My picture was used in the project’s booklet. But they used the picture for three years on billboards in Dubai,” the model said in official records.

Records showed that he received Dh30,000 for using his picture for one year.

‘Damaged private life’

He claimed the company added a ring to his hand in the picture on billboards to show that he was engaged in the marketing campaign, which damaged his private life as his fiancé broke up with him.

He alerted the company legally about the misuse of his picture and the company then removed his picture from the marketing campaign and offered him Dh50,000 compensation.

He declined the offer and instead launched a civil case against the developer.

According to official records, the model found out about his picture still being used after the contract period by coincidence as his friends noticed his picture on a billboard in Dubai.

The Dubai Court of First Instance ordered the developer to pay a compensation of Dh213,750.

The Appeal Court then reduced the compensation to Dh142,500.

The model took his case to the Cassation Court, which ordered a retrial.

The model insisted on Dh6 million in compensation but the developer claimed the model had no right to compensation as there was no damage done to him.

However, the Appeal Court issued a final verdict and ordered the developer to pay a compensation of Dh142,500.