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Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality during the inauguration of the lab. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai has set up an on-site laboratory to test the level of pesticide residues in the products sold at the emirate’s largest fruit and vegetable market.

Dawoud Al Hajri, director General of Dubai Municipality, inaugurated the new food testing lab of the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) in the Fruits and Vegetables Market in Warsan, the civic body announced on Monday.

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The lab can conduct electronic tests of pesticide residues in foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, grains, spices, honey and rice.

In a statement, Al Hajri said that the new lab for tests and analysis of various samples enhances and ensures food safety, and the efforts made by the Municipality to improve the performance of its labs. It also contributes to controlling quality and safety in line with international standards.

Distinguished model

“We are always striving to develop our services to keep pace with recent scientific developments in the fields of testing in general, and testing of food products in particular, to ensure that they are free from any contaminants or materials that violate the UAE and international standards for food products,” said Al Hajri, pointing out that the DCL of has become a distinguished model in the region and at the global level.

International certification
The lab has obtained the ISO 17025:17 certificate for international accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories, in addition to the international ISO 45001:18 certificate for occupational safety and health management systems, and an ISO 14001:15 certificate for environmental management systems.
It is divided into various sections according to international specifications, which include samples receiving section, food samples preparing lab and food samples testing lab, the statement said.

“The process of setting up a lab to test residues of insecticides in food with the latest technologies and advanced specialised devices are part of the ongoing development chain of the DCL, in addition to the high efficiency of its analysts and specialists. The first of its kind lab constitutes a qualitative addition that provides services to the food suppliers in Dubai and enhances consumer confidence in the products available in the market,” he added.

Continuous monitoring

“The DCL, which offers a number of tests that serve the food control system on the goods imported to the country, continuously monitors food in the outlets and markets,” said Al Hajri, who also praised the sophistication and accuracy of the analysis that detects pollutants.

The civic chief was briefed on the mechanism used for tests, the methods of control and the stages of work in the lab from the receipt of samples to the extraction of results, with the new state-of-the-art technical systems and the multiple capabilities of the lab.