Fitness muscle matters
According to a Harvard Medical School report, most men will lose about 30 per cent of their muscle mass during their lifetime Image Credit: Shutterstock

UAE residents’ fitness search spikes align with Dubai Fitness Challenge, according to the latest data from SEMrush, a digital marketing suite, which found that online searches had increased for terms such as gym and running tracks during the past three years.

'Gym', 'Running track'

Back-search data results since Dubai Fitness Challenge launched in 2017 across both English and Arabic terms, recorded huge upturns in interest in a healthier lifestyle from residents with ‘gym’ being the fastest growing fitness search terms online in the UAE in English with a 209.38 per cent boost. ‘Running track’ come in second place with a 114.29 per cent growth and ‘fitness centre’ accepting bronze with a 105.04 per cent increase.

As for Arabic searches in the UAE, the fastest growing fitness terms is also ‘gym’ with 119.23 per cent growth, ‘cardio workouts’ with 80.26 per cent and ‘cross-fit’ with 28.41 per cent.

“The online search data shows a growing interest in online search related to fitness and health by both the Arabic and English speaking population in the UAE, demonstrating the public’s growing awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles and food choices,” commented Adam Zeidan, Corporate Communications Manager for SEMrush in MENA region.

In line with the public health and fitness initiative, the Dubai Fitness Challenge, the increases in search volume is encouraging as the country strives to a healthier lifestyle. Dubai Fitness Challenge encourages everyone to get involved by doing 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days with an array of fitness clubs, destinations and activity clubs offering free classes.

Last year a study by Ken Research indicated that the demand for fitness service centres in the UAE would continue to grow at a CAGR of approximately 10 per cent due to expansion in service portfolios of organised fitness service centres and surging sales of fitness equipment.

This in turn implies that these search trends are set to continue to soar throughout the Dubai Fitness Challenge and beyond.