Iftar at the Cavalli Club on Tuesday. Image Credit: Megan Hirons Mahon/XPRESS

DUBAI: A bill for a generous birthday bash at Dubai's exclusive Cavalli Club this week has kicked up a storm in cyberspace.

A picture of the bill dated January 2 for Dh387,988 ($105,431) — equivalent to the list price of two Porsche Cayennes — has gone viral on twitter with people reacting with shock and awe. Entries on the bill show a slice of birthday cake for Dh120 and a six-litre Cristal, the world's most expensive champagne, at Dh125,000. Between 12.42 am and 3.19 am, Table 405/1 placed 13 orders of Roederer Cristals for Dh84,240 and two orders of 3-litre Cristals for Dh70,000.

A person whose Twitter handle is @THE_47th and who has 2,509 followers, spotted the post at 2pm on Wednesday and was one of the many who re-tweeted it. In cyberspace terms, it would mean thousands of people getting the message on their computers or smartphones.

A former UAE expat, David George-Cosh (@itsdgc), said: "With a $100k bar tab at the Cavalli Club in Dubai, one can make the logical assumption that Dubai is back!"

"Now that's one sick bill!" said @adham_gonzi. "This is insane," tweeted @Hysharara", to which @shimishah added: "Crazy! Ppl still spend this kind of cash?"

"Part of me wants to believe Cavalli Club receipt is a hoax," tweeted Vineetha Menon.

Aneshree, a club staff confirmed the bill was genuine. "Of course, it's authentic," she said, but declined to give the name of the high-spending guest.