still from dubai police video about operation storm
Six members of an international crime syndicate were nabbed in the operation Image Credit: Screengrab/@DubaiPoliceHQ

Dubai: A new documentary released today revealed details about the recent ‘Operation Storm’ by Dubai Police that led to one of the world’s biggest drug busts.

Over 13 tonnes of Captagon pills worth more than Dh3 billion were seized and six suspects from an international crime gang were arrested in the operation.

On Monday, Dubai Police shared the seven-minute documentary on its YouTube channel, with a preview shown on its social media accounts.

Hiding the identity of the suspects and some law enforcement officers, the documentary shows undercover footage of how the 86 million pills were found stashed in furniture parts shipped in containers – and how the suspects were then put under surveillance, leading to their arrest.

In the video, senior officials from the Dubai Police Anti-Narcotics Department explain how the operation unfolded.