Stock Money laundering
The accused used fraudulent means to extract bank details of the victim and withdrew cash from his account. Image Credit: Shutterstock. For illustrative purposes only.

Ajman: The Ajman Criminal Court has sentenced three people to seven years and six months in prison on charges of fraud and money laundering. The accused include two Asians and an African.

The court also ordered them to pay a fine to the victim equal to the value of the money which had been taken from him by defrauding him. The victim, an Asian national, was contacted over the phone and cheated of Dh7,800.

Court records showed that the accused used fraudulent methods and impersonating others. They claimed they were employees of a bank operating in the state, and that the vistim’s account with the bank needed to be updated. The victim handed over a copy of his ID and credit card at their request, following which they used it to withdraw cash by entering the bank’s electronic information system.

The accused were arrested and referred to Public Prosecution.They were later produced in court.