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Abu Dhabi: The State Security Court of the Federal Supreme Court on Monday upheld a five-year jail sentence of a man for seeking to damage the reputation of the UAE and promoting terrorist groups.

The defendant, who is a 21-year-old citizen of Comoros Islands, was also fined Dh1 million.

He was convicted of seeking to damage the UAE’s reputation and the relationship of the country with its neighbours by publishing false reports and information on Twitter.

The man was found guilty of swearing allegiance to the terrorist organisation Daesh on Twitter.

He was also convicted of publishing material and video clips on social media to promote the terrorist ideology of Daesh and urge young people to join it.

The court confiscated his electronic devices and ordered him to pay all judicial costs.

Under the UAE cybercrimes law, an imprisonment period not more than five years, and a fine between Dh500,000 and Dh1 million will be handed down to whoever publishes information on the computer network or though information technology means with the aim to incite hate.

For first-time offenders, the court may rule for the accused to be placed under electronic probation, and prevented from using information technology means during a period not more than the maximum penalty prescribed.

UAE cybercrimes law stipulates an imprisonment period of at least 10 years and not exceeding 25 years, and a fine not less than Dh2 million and not in excess of Dh4 million on whoever establishes, manages or runs a website or publishes information on the computer network or information technology means for the interest of a terrorist group or any unauthorised group, association, organisation, or body with the intent to facilitate communication with their leaders or members or attract new members, or to promote or praise their ideas, finance their activities or provide actual assistance thereof or for the purpose of publishing methods for manufacturing incendiary devices or explosives or any other devices used in terrorism acts.