Police say donations should instead be made through official channels Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Police in Abu Dhabi have arrested 159 beggars in several campaigns in the emirate from November 6 to December 12.

Police said the campaigns will continue to crack down on begging, which distorts the civilised image of UAE society. “Begging is a form of disguised fraud in which beggars use misleading methods to gain people’s sympathy,” Abu Dhabi Police said in a report.

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People have been urged public not to believe fabricated stories that beggars use to gain the sympathy of residents. Instead, donations should be made through official channels only, police added.

Abu Dhabi Police reiterated they will intensify the crackdown on beggars and urged the public to cooperate with the police to curb begging on the streets by reporting offenders via its Command and Control Centre or by calling 999.