Dubai: A bank customer was taken by surprise when he withdrew Dh150,000 from a bank and put it on the table next to him but a quick-footed thief took the money and fled.

The bank customer called Dubai Police who launched a manhunt and the suspect was arrested within 18 hours.

Brigadier Ahmad Thani Bin Gulaitha, director of Rafaa police station and head of Police Stations Council at Dubai Police, said the incident happened on April 29 in a local bank in Rafaa area.

“The bank customer withdrew the money and put it on the table next to him and then turned to sign some bank’s papers. He forgot the money on the table and left the place but he remembered it before going out of the bank. When he returned the money was gone,” Brigadier Bin Gulaitha said.

The customer called police and a team of officers went to the bank and checked the CCTV cameras and suspected two people who were close to the table but cameras didn’t show who stole the money.

Police identified the two suspects and arrested them within 18 hours.

“We found out that it was one suspect who actually stole the money. He confessed that he was monitoring the victim and stole the money when he saw him being busy signing the papers and left the place.”

Police recovered the money and the suspect was referred to public prosecution for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Bin Gulaitha urged bank customers to be extra careful when they withdraw big amount of cash from banks.

“The public have a major role to play in maintaining security in Dubai and reducing number of crimes,” Brigadier Bin Gulaitha added.