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Dubai: A Canadian of Pakistani origin, Aziz ‘Com’ Mirza describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, investor, social media influencer, mentor, philanthropist and dream chaser.

He claims that since launching his first business at age seven with a lemonade stand, he has done business in eight countries. He claims to run multiple companies in technology, real estate, automotive, luxury rental, crypto currency, investment and media industries.

Following are the dodgy investment schemes of Com Mirza:

Leverage Programme (LP)

Launched under the Muslim Entrepreneur network (MEN) in January 2017, LP promised guaranteed returns from an online content website business. People were encouraged to join by forking out a minimum of £5,000 (Dh24,000) each. A second wave of investment saw 1,200 more sign up. The new members paid up to £25,000.

Status: Hundreds worldwide await refunds

Com Mirza promoting Habibi Coin

International Success Groups

ISG was pitched as an educational website where Com was to teach subscribers how to make the most of their money. However, it soon transformed into an investment programme called ISG Capital Pool which required members to pool in their funds and get guaranteed 10 per cent returns within 12 months from a real-estate project in Dubai.

Scores worldwide parted with anything between $5,000 and $150,000, hoping to benefit from Com’s experience as a real estate mogul in Dubai.

Status: Investors remain in the dark about the real estate project where their money has been supposedly invested as Com has refused to share any details

Habibi Coin

Habibi Coin was launched by Com as a real estate-backed Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency to “help members participate in fractional real estate ownership without having high incomes and credit scores.”

Status: The currency is worthless and is not listed on any exchange.