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Aziz ‘Com’ Mirza addressing a gathering at the first public presentation of Habibi Coin at a Leverage event organised by the Muslim Enterpreneur Network in Lon Image Credit:

Dubai: Following are some of the victims of the self-styled serial entrepreneur and mentor Canadian man Aziz ‘Com’ Mirza, now behind bars, and exposed by Gulf News:

'I invested $500,000'

“I invested $500,000 in a scheme run by Com after spending a week with him and talking with people who regarded him highly. I trusted him. As we know now, he had an elaborate system where he positioned himself as an authority that would deliver on his promises. It was all an illusion.

-John Barry, USA

'I lost $50,000'

“I lost $50,000 in ISG and another $25,000 in Habibi Coin and have now filed a complaint against Com Mirza at Al Barsha Police station.”

-Gulammohiyuddin Mastaki, Dubai, UAE.

'No clue where my £25,000 is'

“I invested £25,000 in Leverage Programme on a friend’s suggestion. We were called to a mall in Dubai where we were promised financial freedom within one year. More than two years have passed and I have no clue where my money is. I have not received a single penny until now.“

-Umm Rayyan, Sharjah, UAE

£10,000 from my personal savings

“I was a top-tier investor in the Leverage Programme and invested £10,000 from my personal savings. I have tried every approach to get my money back but to no avail.”

-Humaun Rashid, UK

'I invested $10,000 in Habibi Coin'

“I invested $10,000 in Habibi Coin in 2018. I got familiar with Com Mirza through the internet marketing community where he was considered an authority. I had personal chats with him via Facebook and I sent money to his personal Paypal account. He proved to be a big scammer and a person of zero integrity.”

-Ippokratis Boboras, Greece

He lied about his financial worth

“Com introduced his brother Rafaqat (Rocky) Mirza to MEN who lied about his financial worth. Between them they took millions of pounds from people around the globe. I invested £250,000 in MEN and the Leverage Programme in 2017.”

-Harun Rashid, MEN co-founder, London, UC

Harun Rashid-Men co founder

£14,000 gone

“I invested £4,000 in Habibi coin and £10,000 in the Leverage Programme. It makes me furious and exasperated when I look back at how they targeted the Muslim community in the UK, To earn our trust, they lied that they own multi-billion businesses.”

-Abdul Aim, UK

It’s been a sad experience for many

“Com’s Instagram is now all about food and gym. It’s no longer about investments. It’s been a sad experience for many who have been taken advantage of. Until today there’s been no official word about what happened with Habibi Coin. It’s time Com answers. I invested £2000.”

-Mohammad Shareef, UK

'I invested $1500 in Habibi Coin'

“I invested $1500 in Habibi Coin back in April 2018. I have been trying to get my money back with no success. Com Mirza has blocked me on all possible means of communication alleging that I am a negative person due to my scepticism in his ”investment” scheme.”

-Kevin Green, USA

Kevin Green, a victim

'I invested $2,000'

“I invested $2,000 in Habibi Coin in 2018. Even though the amount is relative compared to those of others it still needs to be shown that people from all walks of life - working class to multimillionaires - were taken for a ride.”

-Mohammed Vorajee, UK

'I was sold on a scam dream'

“I was sold on a scam dream called Habibi Coin by Com Mirza aka Aziz Mirza for $5000 back in 2017 as well as another $500 refundable deposit for capital investment pool but he never refunded to me

-Ali Amin, UK

'They are con artists'

“Habibi Coin was marketed and introduced to us at the Leverage Programme in London. Many of those who invested in LP also invested in Habibi. The Mirza brothers made us believe that they are billionaires and successful businessmen. In fact, they are con artists. I lost £4,000 in Habibi coin and £10,000 in Leverage.”

-Tahera Choudhury, UK