Mobile phone scams come in variety of forms Image Credit: Bloomberg News. For illustrative purpose only.

Sharjah: A gang of nine Asian men behind an alleged mobile phone scam in Sharjah has been arrested.

Sharjah Police received information that the gang were carrying out the scam after a victim reportedhis experience of being scammed for a sum of Dh96,000.

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Colonel Hamad Al Reyami, Deputy Director of Central Region Police Department, said the gang called the victim posing as a bank employee to update his account before managing to withdraw the money from his bank account.

He said the nine Asian men used to send messages to victims or call them about updating their bank account details or blocking the bank services.

He said unbsuspecting victims would provide their banking details, only to later discover that they had been scammed.

“They used to wire the money from the victim’s account to other accounts in different banks before wiring the money outside the country,” Col Reyami said in a statement.

Sharjah Police found many mobile numbers and SIM cards with the gang as well as receipts for money transfers.

“We found papers showing how they commit the scam and the amount of money they had illegally obtained from their suspicious operations,” the official said.

Sharjah Police urged the public not to be fooled by phone scams and report them promptly to the police.

“Banks don’t ask for you banking details or personal information through SMS, emails or through phone calls to update your banking details,” Col Al Reyami added.