Dubai Court
Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A man sexually abused a woman in a mall in Dubai by forcing her to touch his manhood in a fitting room, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Wednesday.

According to official records, the 40-year-old Pakistani defendant was in the fitting room of a clothes shop in a mall when he called the woman held her hand and forced her to touch in manhood in March of this year.

“Dubai Police were alerted to a sexual abuse incident inside the mall,” said an officer called to the scene. “She claimed that the defendant summoned her while he was inside the fitting room and abused her,” the policeman added.

The woman, whose nationality was not disclosed, testified that at 2pm she was with her friend at the shop when she saw the defendant.

“He called me to come and his zipper was open. I asked him to pull the zipper up and he held my left hand and tried to put it on his manhood. I tried to move away but he used his other hand to pull up my shirt,” she said.

The victim shouted at the defendant and he pulled her towards him but she escaped.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with sexually abusing the victim.

The trial has been adjourned until July 15. Until then the defendant will remain in custody.