Dubai: A man molested a 13-year-old Indian girl while she was in a lift with her younger brother, a Dubai court heard on Sunday.

The Indian defendant, 34, was charged with molesting the victim by hugging her from behind.

According to official records, in April of this year, the defendant followed the victim and her five-year-old brother into the lift of their residential building in Al Rifaa and hugged the girl from behind.

“My father asked me to bring clothes from the laundry, so I went with my brother and saw the victim watching me,” said the girl. “He followed me to the lift and asked me what my name was and which school I went to. Then he hugged me from behind,” the girl added.

When the lift opened the girl and her brother ran crying to their mother.

The girl’s father reported the incident to Dubai Police who checked the surveillance cameras and were able to identify the defendant.

“My daughter was shocked and was crying when she told me what happened. She identified the man in a suspects line three times,” he added.

Dubai Police were able to apprehend the defendant in less than 24 hours.

“He confessed to touching the girl’s shoulder,” said a policeman. “Security cameras revealed that he was monitoring the victim and followed her inside the building. He sexually abused the girl by hugging her from behind. He came in the next day searching for her.”

The trial has been adjourned until September 22 and the defendant remains in custody.