Sharjah: Police arrested an Arab man who attempted to rob a money exchange in Sharjah in a woman’s disguise, an officer said on Sunday.

Colonel Ebrahim Al Ajel, director of the Criminal and Investigation Department, said the suspect, a former employee of the money exchange, made his way into the money exchange wearing an abaya and shayla and with his face covered.

Once inside, he started assaulting the firm’s employees with a thick stick he had concealed inside the abaya before attempting to rob the premises.

Employees of the exchange foiled the robbery attempt and subdued him briefly but the suspect managed to escape, jumping into a car waiting outside to flee the scene. The intruder failed to get his hands on any cash.

The company’s employees reported the incident to the police operations room and a police team was promptly dispatched to the scene.

The team managed to identify the suspect and arrested him despite the fact that CCTV footage showed only a person wearing an abaya with face covered.

The suspect confessed to his crime and told police about his an accomplice of the same nationality. His accomplice was arrested soon after.

Investigations revealed that the suspect was used to work at the same company earlier but had been terminated. He was staying with the person who abetted him in the crime.

The suspect was familiar with the working hours of the exchange branches.

The suspect told police that he resorted to the crime because he had accumulated huge debts.