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Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A security guard in a Dubai restaurant has been sentenced to one year in jail for using a plastic pistol to threaten his employer before stealing Dh430,000.

According to official records, the 31-year-old security guard went to the office of the restaurant owner to collect his salary, when he waved a pistol and asked for a bag of cash.

The owner claimed the defendant displayed a message on his phone which was in Chinese. The message said he wanted the money and would not endanger his life.

“The accountant employee was in the room when the defendant stepped in showing a pistol and snatched the bag with money despite attempts to stop him,” said the victim in official records.

The defendant fled the restaurant with Dh430,000.

Dubai Police arrived on the scene and found that the security guard had threatened the owner and employee using a plastic pistol.

Dubai Police subsequently arrested him.

“He had Dh21,000 with him and admitted that it was part of the stolen money. He claimed that he gave the money to his countryman to send it to his family back home,” said a policeman in official records.

The defendant was charged with robbery.

He was sentenced to one year in jail to be followed by deportation.