Dubai courts 101
The main facade of Dubai Courts building. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A Chinese man has gone on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance for insulting and threatening two policemen with racial slurs.

According to official records, two policemen went to search a warehouse at Umm Ramool area after receiving permission from public prosecution last month.

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When the two policemen arrived at the warehouse, the 31-year-old Chinese man yelled at the policemen and insulted them. “He was in a car beside the warehouse with another person. We showed our military IDs asking him if he has any connection with the subject and he claimed the warehouse owner was outside the country,” the 39-year-old Emirati policeman said, according to official records.

The defendant was angry when they asked him to come to police headquarter and yelled on the two officers before insulting them with words related to the colour of the policeman’s skin.

Threatening talk

The defendant threatened the officers that he is powerful and has contacts with senior officials. “He kept saying that he is powerful and that he will harm us,” said the second policeman in records.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with offending the policemen.

The next hearing scheduled for September 29.