Uri Brodsky covers his face as he is escorted into court in Warsaw, Poland, on Wednesday. The judge ordered Brodsky to be extradited to Germany on charges of forgery. Image Credit: AP

Warsaw, Poland: Uri Brodsky, an alleged Mossad agent under arrest in Poland, yesterday appealed a Polish court's decision to extradite him to Germany.

Brodsky is wanted in Germany for allegedly spying and helping to falsely obtain a German passport allegedly used in connection with the assassination of the Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel in January.

He was arrested on a European warrant in June at Warsaw's international airport, and on July 7 was ordered extradited to Germany by Warsaw's district court.

The judge ordered his extradition on the forgery charges only, however, meaning that under that decision he could also only be tried in Germany on forgery and not spying.

That decision would have spared Israel a potentially embarrassing high-profile espionage trial. Now the outcome of the case remains unclear because both Brodsky's lawyers and prosecutors — who want him extradited on the entirety of the charges — have appealed the court's July 7 ruling.

Prosecutors disagree

One of Brodsky's lawyers, Krzysztof Stepinski, said he filed an appeal yesterday in a bid to have his client spared extradition to Germany and have him returned to Israel.

"I believe we will win. I strongly believe that he will be [sent] back to Israel," Stepinski told The Associated Press. He refused to divulge the argument that he was using in his fight against the extradition.

Warsaw prosecutors also appealed the decision last week, said Monika Lewandowska, a spokeswoman for the prosecutors.

She said prosecutors disagree with the district court's decision to extradite Brodsky on only part of the charges brought against him by Germany.

Brodsky's case will be heard by the appeals court on August 5, Stepinski said.

After the slaying of the Hamas leader in January, suspicion immediately fell on Mossad, Israel's spy agency. Israel, however, has never commented on the killing and has refused comment on Brodsky.