Dubai: A father and his son have been accused of threatening and assaulting two policemen while the officers tried to impound their car.

Two traffic policemen had asked a motorist to pull over when they spotted a sport utility vehicle (SUV) on a street with 100 per cent tinted windows and without number plates in June.

The policemen told the 21-year-old Emirati driver that they would have to impound the illegal vehicle and issue him a ticket for flouting traffic laws, records said.

As the policemen were carrying out their procedures, the driver’s 73-year-old father arrived there.

The father and his son pushed the policemen and orally threatened them in an attempt to dissuade them from impounding the vehicle.

The policemen called for backup and the father and his son were taken into custody.

Prosecutors accused the 73-year-old Emirati and his 21-year-old son of assaulting policemen and threatening them.

According to the charges, prosecutors said the son pushed the policemen twice and verbally threatened to run them over when he tried to drive away in the wanted car.

Prosecutors also said the father assaulted the two policemen and threatened them by saying that he would complain to the police’s highest authorities that they treated him unfairly by wanting to impound the car.

The suspects pleaded not guilty and denied the charges when they appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

“This is absolutely not true … nothing of that sort happened,” the father told presiding judge Mohammad Jamal on Sunday.

One of the assaulted policemen told prosecutors: “We stopped the son who was driving the SUV without number plates and it was fully tinted. We notified the 21-year-old that he we had to impound the car and issue him a traffic ticket. In the meantime, the 73-year-old [father] came to the scene and said ‘why do you impound my son’s car every Ramadan!’ He also threatened us by saying ‘if you impound the car, things will not be well… I will complain to your superiors.’ Then he ordered his son to drive the vehicle away. His son said ‘if you don’t move away, I will run you over’. He managed to drive away but we stopped him again at a nearby crossing … when the 21-year-old tried to run away, we tried to stop him. The suspects assaulted us and the father pushed me when I tried to handcuff his son.”

Presiding judge Jamal adjourned the case until the suspects’ lawyer presents his defence on November 25.