Dubai: A jobless man has been jailed for three months for cursing two policemen, biting the hand of one of them and spitting on the floor of a police station while being locked up.

A taxi driver called up the police and reported that a 21-year-old Spanish jobless man had punched him for no reason in March 2018.

A police patrol was dispatched to Dubai Investment Park where the beating incident had taken place. They found the Spanish defendant, 21, to be drunk.

As a policeman tried to handcuff him, the defendant assaulted him and bit his hand before another policeman intervened and restrained the man.

On Monday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Spanish man of resisting arrest ferociously, cursing the arresting officers and spiting on the floor.

Presiding judge Habib Awad said the accused, who pleaded not guilty, will be deported.

The assaulted policeman said: “When we reached the location, we realised that the accused was too drunk. He shouted at us when we asked him to calm down. The he tried to assault me when we tried to handcuff him and he resisted arrest. He also cursed me and my partner. As I was taking him out of the police car, he bit my hand. Then he assaulted us again and spat on the floor of the police station while we were taking him into the detention room,” he said.

A Filipina woman testified to prosecutors: “I met the defendant and my friends at a bar. The accused drank alcohol and we went together by taxi. On the way, he assaulted the driver for unknown reason. The latter stopped the car and called the police. The Spanish was taken by the police car.”

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court jailed the Spanish accused for a month and fined him Dh1,000 for punching the Pakistani taxi driver and fined him Dh3,000 for consuming alcohol.

Monday’s ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.