20200918 Dubai Courts
Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A driver in Dubai, who was involved in a hit-and-run incident after a collision with another vehicle, escaped the scene for fear of the repercussions.

The errant motorist had no auto insurance and the registration of his vehicle had expired due to accumulated traffic fines of around Dh33,000.

The incident occurred in the Al Qusais area of Dubai. The driver of the other vehicle insisted on calling an ambulance as he was feeling dizzy after the accident, but even before he could call the police or ambulance for help, the errant driver fled the scene.

The victim recorded the plate number of the vehicle and Dubai Police later identified the driver who was then referred to Dubai Traffic Prosecution, which slapped a Dh7,400 fine on him.

The victim claimed that his car was hit from behind. “I was in a lot of pain as I stepped outside my car and sat down on the pavement. It seems the other driver wasn’t paying attention to the road,” said the victim. “The driver asked me not to call the police as he was driving his brother’s car, which had accumulated traffic fines of around Dh33,000.”

But the victim refused to listen to him and told him that he needed to first worry about his health. “I had a feeling that the other driver would do something wrong, so I recorded the plate number of his car. However, I was taken by surprise when he actually fled the scene before the arrival of police or ambulance,” added the victim.

Dubai Police summoned the car owner who admitted that his brother had taken the vehicle out without his knowledge.

The driver admitted his fault in the accident and said that he escaped from the spot because he knew that the car would be impounded.

Dubai Traffic Court issued a fine of Dh7,400 against the driver for his involvement in the hit-and-run incident, for damaging property and driving a vehicle with an expired registration.