Burglar at night
Police in the UAE are warning homeowners on the dangers of leaving their residence unsecured. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The month of August has arrived, and with it, a wave of Haj pilgrims and holiday-goers are expected to rush to the airport.

Before residents fly out, police across the UAE are warning homeowners on the dangers of leaving their residence unsecured and cautioning people on how to keep their valuables safe from prying eyes.

Dubai International Airport also said it expects the number of passengers to peak at 16 million during July and August with people either transiting or departing from Dubai.

Police in Dubai and the northern emirates have launched summer campaigns, advising residents on the simple ways to keep their home burglar-proof.

“Close the doors tightly while leaving home, and check the locks. Replace the damaged and weak locks with other good quality. Secure your home by safety cameras and make sure they are working effectively,” cautioned Ajman Police.

Reiterating the safety precautions, Dubai Police also urged residents to ensure that the doors of their homes are locked properly and to keep their valuable items in safety deposit boxes when travelling in order to protect them from theft and damage.

Residents were further cautioned against leaving their valuables and jewellery in obvious places, which makes them vulnerable to theft.

Through its social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, police said residents travelling abroad should take the necessary precautions to secure the safety of their homes.

Last year, Dubai Police reported that cases of theft and house break-ins tend to take place during the summer months when many people are away from their homes.

"Travellers should keep important and valuable items in safety deposit boxes for protection against theft," Dubai Police said on Twitter.

Police also said that families travelling for a long period should ask relatives to remove newspapers and advertisements that are left at the doorsteps of their home.

To beef up security even further, residents in Dubai can also sign up for the home safety programme by logging on to the Dubai Police website or visiting their nearest police station. As part of the safety programme, residents are also required to inform police about their travel plans and provide a contact number in the event of an emergency.

Once police receive the application request, the house will be put under surveillance during the vacation period. Police patrols from the Anti-Crime Department will monitor the houses of those registered in the programme.

7 top tips

  1. Keep doors and windows locked.
  2. Update your locks. Are any of them damaged?
  3. Install safety cameras indoors and outdoors.
  4. Keep valuables in safety deposit boxes.
  5. Ask a family member of friend to remove newspapers or brochures from your doorstep. Don’t leave any clues that you are not around.
  6. Keep a light on. If a light is switched on, burglars will be fooled in thinking someone is inside.
  7. Keep the garage safely secured. If you live in a villa, don’t forget to lock the garage door.