Citizens should ensure that safety procedures are carried out before they depart on vacations or extended periods. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Artificial Intelligence-powered surveillance cameras will watch your house while you holiday abroad, thanks to a new initiative by Dubai Police.

Residents can install the hi-tech cameras in coordination with Du, Ring or Transguard company to secure their homes before travelling, said Colonel Rashid Bin Dhabawi, director of the Criminal Monitoring Section in the Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai Police. The cameras will relay live images to the Police Command Centre in case of a security breach.

Col Bin Dhabawi said people wanting to avail the service could register for free using the Dubai Police app.

Ali Al Shouk/Gulf News

“This is an important step to ensure safety and prevent villa burglaries during the summer break. There has not been a single instance of burglary in homes registered on the app,” he said.

Police said that they have put up signboards in residential areas to create awareness about their ‘secure your home initiative’

“We installed cameras in 10 villas at Mirdif as part of a pilot project. Encouraged by its success, we replicated the idea across various residential neighbourhoods in Dubai.”

Col Bin Dhabawi said they are in talks with developers to install smart cameras in all upcoming real estate projects.

The surveillance system enables villa owners to receive instant notifications about intrusions and other security related issues on their smartphones anywhere in the world. It is also equipped with a microphone that allows homeowners to answer doorbells without being in the house.

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Col Rashid Bin Dhabawi discussing the home surveillance system with Dubai Police officials. Image Credit: Dubai Police

“Before breaking into a house, burglars typically ring the doorbell or knock to check if the place is empty. Homeowners can thwart their plans by answering them over the microphone,” said Col Bin Dhabawi.

Lt Colonel Arif Ali Beshwa, deputy director of Crime Prevention Department, said they are on track to achieve ‘zero villa burglaries’ .

“Security cameras are a big deterrent. Burglars will think twice before venturing anywhere near a house monitored by surveillance systems,” said Lt Col Beshwa.

Butti Al Felasi, Director of the Security Awareness Department of Dubai Police, said the initiative is aimed at enhancing security and instilling confidence among residents.

Residents who want Dubai Police to check on their property in their absence can use the Dubai Police Smart app to enter their personal details, time of travel and the location of their home.

Engineer Faisal Al Belooki, director of projects in Mohammad Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, said they have installed new security systems in 500 villas in Oud Al Mutaina area. The system will be installed in 397 more houses in the vicinity besides 356 houses in Hatta.

“All new houses will be covered by smart cameras. The annual fees for maintenance about Dh200. It’s a cheap price to secure your home,” said Eng Al Belooki.


Dubai police said the cost of installing the security system ranges between Dh3,000 and Dh3,500 and will depend on how many cameras and movement sensors home owners want.

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Here are things you should do

1. Secure all entrances and windows of your home.

2. Secure all wardrobes and/or safes in your home, where you store your valuables.

3. Deposit your money and valuables in a bank safe box.

4. Do not leave the keys to your vehicle in your key holder.

5. Inform members of your family or friends to periodically check on your home while you’re away.

6. Ensure that water taps are shut and that electricity switches are all off.

7. Submit details of your home to Dubai Police.

8. Install surveillance cameras both indoors and outdoors.

Who should you contact

You can access the Home Security Services through several service channels, including the Dubai Police website, the Dubai Police smart app, and Dubai Police offices. A call centre is available for inquiries. Dial 901 to be connected, or email mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae.