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Dubai: Now more than ever we need incisive and credible news from trustworthy sources at fast speed. Although the usual busy newsroom of Gulf News has been emptied as most of our journalists have been working from home, we have never missed a beat to deliver only reliable information in the time of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We have also adapted and added little creativity in performing our duties. Armed with our laptops, gadgets, voice recorders and mobile phones, we have converted a little corner of our homes – bedroom, living room, dining area, and even the balcony into our makeshift work stations.

We also try to keep our sanity intact and our health a priority. Some have placed a yoga mat under their computer table while others go out (but within the residential area) to get some fresh air and feel the sun.

Group calls and video conferencing have become the norm to discuss updates and exchange story ideas. Yes, we miss the lack of human interaction, face-to-face chats, water cooler discussions and office banterings, but as the appetite for news seems greater than ever, we actually find ourselves doing more work and busier than usual.

We wake up in the morning, get out of our beds and switch to work mode. The time we save from the daily commute is actually put to better use to mull over our story ideas . We constantly call our sources, talk to people via WhatsApp messages or phone calls. Our editors, who always check how we adapt to our new work arrangements, are always in the loop and more critical than ever as we only want to get the best, most truthful information out there.

For most of us, the first few days working from home were a challenge. But on a positive note, this COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of technology, resilience, constant communication, preparedness, and most importantly teamwork.

As we deliver the news from our homes to yours, we pledge to bring you updates, exclusive stories and breaking news that are both informative and reassuring.

Stay home. Stay safe. Keep reading Gulf News.