UAE workers
Employers in the UAE are advised to recruit employees through Virtual Labour Market and get internal work permits. Image Credit: Pexels

Dubai: Finding jobs and recruiting new employees have become easier in the UAE despite the coronavirus impact on the job market.

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has recently launched a new version of the electronic platform called Virtual Labour Market urging both employers and job seekers to register on the portal.

However, the Ministry on Wednesday has gone a step further and made it easier for employers to recruit people who are currently available in the UAE, as employers are unable to bring people from abroad due to travel restrictions as part of precautionary measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. The Ministry has made it even easier for companies to get internal work permits through its online portal.

MOHRE tweets

“Are you willing to hire new employees, as recruiting labourers from outside the UAE is currently suspended? You can search the available employees’ database on the virtual labour market, and issue an internal work permit through the online system,” said a tweet by MOHRE.

The Ministry has allowed employees in the country looking for jobs to register with the virtual labour market and apply for available jobs listed by registered organisations based on their qualifications and experience.

The provisions of this resolution is only applicable to expatriate employees and during the period of applying the above-mentioned precautionary procedures.

The platform enables job seekers to register their CVs and companies to announce vacancies on

What is a virtual labour market

The MOHRE virtual labor market's electronic platform enables job seekers inside and outside the UAE to enter their CVs and create their own profiles. Job seekers can also see the vacancies announced by UAE companies at and apply for these jobs.

The new version of the virtual labour market is an innovative platform for providing employment services to job seekers and companies in accordance with the artificial intelligence (AI) system, according to MOHRE.

The use of AI will ease the process of matching the requirements of the jobs announced by UAE companies with the job seekers’ profiles, created and uploaded on the website in an interactive manner.

The virtual labour market is easy to use as it was designed in such a manner that simplifies the job seeker’s journey to search for a job that suits his capabilities and skills.

A job seeker can access the website and create his professional profile easily to learn about job opportunities available in companies and hence apply to the appropriate job that matches his or her profile.

The website enables companies to know how far the files of job seekers are aligned with job requirements, and to track the professional development of the owners of these files registered in the virtual labour market based on a smart system.

Enabled by the artificial intelligence (AI) system, the platform matches the requirements of the jobs announced by the UAE companies with the job seekers’ profiles in an interactive manner.

Recruiters can search for qualified candidates by creating their own page to display their vacancies and also by searching the website for job seekers.

This way, it helps both, the recruiters and the job seekers to find what they are looking for.