Abu Dhabi Police
Video of Abu Dhabi police thanking residents goes viral Image Credit: Supplied

Viral videos of Abu Dhabi Police thanking people from a loudspeaker for staying at home show exactly how the residents and authorities in the UAE are working together to fight the pandemic.

Clips of a police patrol interrupting cheers of support from people from their windows and balconies to send a message to everyone abiding by movement restrictions as precautionary measures against COVID-19 are circulating online.

In one of the clips taken on Tuesday, April 7, Abu Dhabi resident Sama Khattab shared with Gulf News, a police official is heard saying: “One moment, one moment, thank you all for staying at home and following the instructions.”

The crowd breaks into applause and whistles as the policeman thanks UAE residents.

In another video, the police personnel is heard playing the UAE national anthem.

Khattab said: “The police vehicles were patrolling the area and playing the national anthem. Everyone was very excited and cheering.”

In the third clip, the policeman stops in the middle of the street and claps for the crowd.

The 20-year-old university student who has lived in the UAE for 16 years captured the moment from her balcony.

Speaking about implementation of the recent movement restrictions, Khattab said: “The police have definitely put so much effort into this and played a huge role in making us feel safe and all connected together even when were sitting in our houses.

“This shows how beautiful the country we’re in and how lucky we are to know the policemen and every person in this country is by our side and looking after us,” the Iraqi national added.