GCSEs and A-level exams to be cancelled as UK closed all schools indefinitely. Photo for illustrative purpose only Image Credit:

Dubai: Panic gripped students who are following the British education system as the upcoming GCSEs and A-levels exams have been cancelled.

The British Education Secretary announced on Wednesday that GCSEs and A-level exams are to be cancelled. He, however, promised to ensure that all students would get the grades they “need and deserve”. Students seeking admission to the universities must have A-level or GSCEs certificates.

What next for students in UAE

Following the announcement in UK, the schools in the UAE have also sent circulars to parents to intimate them about the decision. Gulf News has come across a circular addressed to parents by Simon O’ Connior, principal of Jumeirah College, Dubai. In the circular, the principal has sought to reassure the parents while emphasising that he was still waiting for clarifications on how this would impact international sutdnets and schools outside of UK.

“I do understand how unnerving this will be for our students who have worked so hard in their preparations. Please be clear, the UK Prime Minister has said students will get the qualifications they deserve. Whilst we don’t have the details of what this means, please be assured we will do everything we can to ensure Jumeirah College students achieve the wonderful results they are on track to achieve,” he added.

UK Prime Minister

Meanwhile, schools across the UK have been closed indefinitely as the government made another sudden escalation in its efforts to curb the increasing spread of coronavirus.

British Prime minister, Boris Johnson, said he had been been forced to close schools for up to 8 million pupils in England – the first countrywide school shutdown in modern British history – as the virus spread faster than anticipated, forcing teachers and pupils to self-isolate.

Meanwhile, British Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said that no child would be “unfairly penalised” as a result of the decision which will affect hundreds of thousands of students across the world. The Government is considering a number of possible models, including predicted grades and teacher-led assessments, to replace the formal exams that were due to take place in May and June.

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