Barbershops are required to check visitors' temperature, among other protocols Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: All salons and barbershops will operate at 50 per cent capacity for all services, except spa, sauna, Moroccan bath, or massage), according to Dubai Economy’s updated protocol on the resumption of economic activities from tomorrow.

No home service will be permitted.

All kids’ salons (outside malls) will also be allowed to open at 50 per cent capacity for all services. These salons should follow the measures and protocols set previously for adult salons and barber shops.

In addition to these measures, they must also ensure that the kids’ salons are strictly child-only facilities; follow appointment and ticketing system; make sure there is required physical distancing and customers wear masks . The masks can be adjusted for short time periods during certain procedures like trimming hair behind ears etc if necessary.

The salon staff must necessarily wear face masks, face shield and overalls.

“An adult, less than 60 years of age, can supervise a maximum of three children with only one aged between one and five,” say the new rules.

All waiting and seating areas inside and in front of the salon / barbershop must be removed.

Customers must go through temperature screening. Strict penalties will apply to those who do not abide by the protocols.