Salem Belyouh Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News

Dubai: The upcoming Nuqat Design Conference 2012 will document the traditional aspects of the city that is known for its modern architecture.

Ahead of the conference, organised in partnership with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), Salem Belyouha, projects and events director of Dubai Culture, told Gulf News on Wednesday the event would further the understanding of the city's design history.

He said: "The conference will chronicle the journey of design from its traditional to its modern roots, and identify the gap between the two.

"An example of how heritage has influenced modern Dubai is the Downtown area. It takes inspiration from Al Bastakiya. To date, this kind of growth or influence hasn't been documented."

Working in harmony

The partnership with Nuqat Design Conference, that is a Kuwait-based creative platform, showcases how culture and design work in harmony, and explores the deep-rooted relationship that design shares with our heritage, he explained.

"I am personally interested to learn how the conference will capture this aspect through the eyes of the community. It will also be interesting to hear the perspectives of the international Arab speakers who have lived abroad for several years. The conference is also proof of the fact that Dubai Culture is open to collaborations with other countries."

Bushra Badri, an eminent Dubai-based graphic designer, has been appointed the Dubai Ambassador for Nuqat.

She told Gulf News: "I am active in the cultural and creative scene. I am part of a strong network of designers. Nuqat approached me to represent the platform in Dubai. As part of role, I help organise and facilitate conferences and workshops in the city and strengthen the network of designers from the Middle East."

Hussa Al Humaidhi, co-founder of Nuqat and head of communication said that the theme ‘The Lost City of Arabesque' will present 23 designers from various disciplines including architecture, interiors, graphic design, filmmaking, fashion, and jewellery. It will host ten interactive workshops and more than 23 lectures.