Tigers jumping platforms as part of a circus show at Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: A new daily event has become a big draw for children and families to the Six Continents fair at Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi, organised by Abu Dhabi Municipality.

Latino Circo (Latin Circus), which brought about 30 artists to the capital, has several stunning acts like high-wire acrobatics, trapeze and a tiger show with four big cats.

Dance, music and clowns add colour to the circus.

Tight-rope walkers and motorcycle stunts keep the viewers on edge as they perform without a safety net. Even acrobats on the trapeze leave the audience nervous with their stunts.

A temporary cage was assembled for the gigantic tigers for their stunts with a single trainer. Whenever they started roaring loudly at their trainer, he tried to pacify them by offering them a piece of meat.

When a small ‘box of surprise’ was opened, an ‘elastic’ man emerged and started performing acrobatics. He went back into the box ‘elastically’ amidst applause from the spectators.

The circus is part of the municipality’s initiative to offer entertainment to all sections of society, especially families, at the Six Continent fair, a senior official told Gulf News.

“I am sure this will expose Abu Dhabi residents to new cultures,” Adel Hussain Al Rabeea, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said.

“This is the first time the Latino Circo is performing in the UAE,” an executive of the company that brought the circus to the country said.

“The performers from three Latin American Nations — Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia came after their performance in Italy,” Suhail Obaid, General Manager of Eventoh Exhibition Management, told Gulf News.

The Six Continent fair that began on December 12 has been attracting around 5,000 visitors on week days, an executive of the company that coordinates the fair on behalf of the municipality, said.

“About 20,000 people visit during weekends,” Mohammad Adnani, CEO of Pioneer International, said.

Fair grounds

The 1.5-km long and 800 metre wide Khalifa Park is spread over about 48 acres and most parts of the park are occupied by pavilions of various countries including the UAE, Egypt, Syria, India, Jordan, China, Lebanon, Pakistan and Turkey.

Restaurants from most of these nations attract residents.

The fair is open daily from 4pm to 11pm on weekdays, and from 3pm to 12 midnight at weekends. Games for kids, acrobatics, bands, folkloric shows and trading pavilions offering various types of goods from around the world are the major attractions.

A train service takes visitors to all nooks and corners of the park. The park also has a museum and a library. A Dh10 entry ticket provides entry to all these facilities at the fair.

Show timings: 6pm and 9pm, daily (on until the last week of March)

Tickets: Dh75, Dh100, Dh150 and Dh200 (available Gate 3 of Khalifa Park):  Children under three get free entry