191120 fujairah rain
Rainfall pounded the emirate of Fujairah on Wednesday (November 20), flooding valleys and dams. Image Credit: National Centre of Meteorology

Fujairah: The body of a man found in the mountains of Dhadna near Fujairah on Saturday, died after being swept away during last week’s floods, police have confirmed.

The 43-year-old Emirati from the Ghob area of Dibba was apparently trapped in the flash floods, his cousin said.

Abdullah Saeed, the deceased’s cousin told police the man had gone camping in the mountains. No one noticed his disappearance as he used to spend days in the mountains.

The entire valley flooded however, and he must have been trapped by floods, which apparently washed him away.

The body was found in a decomposed state on Saturday by a passer-by, following which the police were alerted.

Police and forensic experts rushed to the scene and transferred the body to hospital.

Investigations are underway and a forensics report is pending.