Syam P Prabhu, Founder and Managing Director, Aurion Image Credit: Supplied

Aurion, one of the pioneers in business consulting in UAE, is organizing a webinar on Knowledge Management (KM) involving world renowned experts in the field.

In the era of digital transformation, the implementation of Knowledge Management in multinational companies is required for organisational excellence and profitability. It fosters collaboration among fellow workers by knowledge sharing thereby paving way to minimize knowledge barriers.

Knowledge Management is a catalyst to change and can result in significant cost savings, adding value and profit to business. The barriers between colleagues in not sharing insights and also the obstacles in sharing knowledge between departments often hampers the organisational growth. Knowledge Management addresses these matters and implements strategies so that the organisation can function like an oiled machinery.

The proper implementation of knowledge management can save employee working hours and increase productivity resulting in huge profits for the company, said Syam P Prabhu, Managing Director of Aurion.

The webinar is focusing on KM implementation methodology, design techniques and concepts to assist in developing KM that are compliant with International Organization for Standardization, ISO 30401 : 2018 Standard in relation to various industries including the oil and gas industry, healthcare, manufacturing, IT industry and other service sectors.

The speakers include world renowned KM Strategist and researcher Dr Randhir Pushpa, Hank Malik, KM & Digital Transformation expert, (Oil and gas, Energy sectors), Dr Bebeka Gjoksi-Cosandey, KM Strategist, (Health Care); Santhosh Shekar, Accredited KM Auditor & Certifier, and Author of ‘Design Knowledge Management System’ and Rajesh Dillion, President, KM Society Singapore.