Dubai: The Atlantis launch party fireworks programme is set to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, Grucci's of New York, the firework's organiser, has confirmed.

"The process for the world record is very lengthy. We applied for it way back in May and part of the requirement is to document before and afterwards," said Philip Butler, a family member of Grucci's of New York.

"The budget for Atlantis was $3 million, which is also a world record — supporting information for the Guinness ‘largest fireworks display' category is also the budget. No one has ever spent $3 million even in Beijing, which was over 17 days," Butler said, referring to the recent Summer Olympics.

The programme included firing positions from 226 floating pontoons across 46 kilometres of water on the Palm fronds, 40 locations along the 5.5-kilometre monorail on the Palm's trunk and positions on 400 balconies on the south facade and rooftop surfaces of Atlantis.

"It was easily six times the size of the Beijing Olympics: the fireworks there were in and around 2,000 feet of the Bird's Nest, while here it covered the entire Palm Jumeirah," Butler said.