Bus-trailer accident
At least 27 workers sustained injuries as their bus crashed into a truck in Jebel Ali Industrial Area in Dubai. Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Police

Dubai: At least 27 workers were injured when their bus collided with a trailer on Wednesday morning, according to hospital sources. However, no casualties were reported. The incident happened around 8.30am in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area of Dubai.

The bus was transporting workers of a perfume factory to their employment site when the collision happened. The injured were taken to a nearby private hospital in Dubai. Hospital sources later said that all the injured were in a stable condition. “Workers came in with mild-to-moderate injuries and are being treated,” hospital sources said.

Police investigation

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, Director of Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said the accident occurred at 8.30am on Wednesday between a bus and a truck in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area. “Twenty-seven people sustained minor-to-moderate injuries. The reason behind the accident was not leaving a safe distance between the truck and the bus,” Brig Al Mazroui said.

Police patrols were dispatched  to the spot to secure the place and ease traffic movement for ambulances and rescue teams.

Mostly Indian workers

The workers, mostly Indians, were employed with a perfume factory in Jebel Ali Technology Park. According to a company representative, the accident took place when the bus was transporting workers from their accommodation in Jebel Ali to the factory.

All the injured were transported in Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Service (DCAS) vehicles to the nearby NMC Royale Hospital in Dubai Investment Park (DIP).

In a stable condition

According to Dr Mahesh Krishna Ram, specialist General Surgery, at the hospital, all the patients were in a stable condition with mild-to-moderate injuries. He added that some patients were administered General Anaesthesia and provided with suturing of wounds and lacerations. “Further radiological investigations are being carried out to ensure there are no bone and deep-tissue injuries,” Dr Ram added.

Forensic experts also reached the accident site to collect evidence and prepare a full traffic report, to be presented to Dubai Traffic Prosecution.