The screening camp is being held at Dubai Investment Park 2 till Sunday evening Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A massive diabetes screening camp that is eyeing a Guinness World Record began in Dubai on Saturday evening.

Organised by Aster DM Healthcare in view of World Diabetes Day 2022 (November 14), the 24-hour campaign aims to complete 10,000 free screenings in labour accommodations.

The camp was inaugurated by senior officials from the Ministry of Labour, Dubai Police, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, along with senior officials from Aster DM Healthcare.

UAE officials and representatives from Aster during the camp's opening ceremony on Saturday evening Image Credit: Supplied

Through the camp at Dubai Investment Park 2, the group, one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in GCC and India, aims to screen the workers’ accommodations in the DIP area and provide more than 10,000 free screenings within 24 hours, Aster DM Healthcare stated.

This initiative is also an attempt by the group to set a Guinness World Record.

With this initiative, the group said it aims to create awareness on diabetes amongst the blue-collar workers in the UAE who “often tend to ignore their own health while pushing through their daily jobs”, living away from their families.

Workers at the screening camp Image Credit: Supplied

A separate area at the same venue has been set up for screenings for women and families. This is a part of the group’s continuous efforts to encourage people of UAE to take care of their own health and undertake proactive measures to detect onset of chronic lifestyle diseases at an early stage.

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Preventing the ‘silent killer’

Dr Azad Moopen, founder chairman and managing director, Aster DM Healthcare, said: “Diabetes mellitus is rightly called a silent killer. This lifestyle disease catches us silently and slowly kills us without our being aware of it until it is too late. This is the most important cause of early mortality and morbidity through cardiac,renal and retinal causes, along with many other organ systems.”

He added that if detected early, diabetes is one of the most easily preventable and treatable conditions.

“As a community commitment programme, Aster will be at the forefront of detecting the silent killer early,” Dr Moopen said.

Apart from providing free diabetes screening, people are also getting educated during the camp to identify the early symptoms of diabetes and get a check-up on time. Those who get detected with the disease are being guided on the next steps of medical care and how best to manage and live with diabetes. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in entertainment activities while undertaking the tests.