Accident victim
Sindhu Dhanaraj with her husband before the road accident Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Indian expat who was injured in a road accident in 2017 was awarded Dh550,000 in compensation by Dubai Courts last week.

Twenty-nine-year-old Sindhu Dhanaraj, who hails from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, met with an accident on June 4 on Dubai Emirates road. She was hospitalised for a month and had to be put on home rest for the next three months or so. In that time she lost her job in Dubai.

The tragedy 

Dhanaraj, who worked as an IT professional in Dubai before the accident, was part of a six-vehicle pile up on the fateful day and was seriously injured in the accident along with the three other passengers in the vehicle she was travelling in. All four were admitted to the Rashid Hospital in Dubai where they received treatment.

Accident victim
Picutre of Sindhu Dhanaraj and her husband after the accident. Sindhu said her husband has been a massive support to her following the accident. "He was my only support when I was in the trauma." Image Credit: Supplied

Speaking to Gulf News from India, Dhanaraj said her face was particularly affected following the accident. “My left eye-lid is slightly more closed than the other. Also my left-side of the face is [swollen]. After the accident I don’t feel like taking my photos at all.”

Last week, Dubai Courts awarded Dhanaraj a compensation of Dh550,000, which translates to Indian Rs10.7 million.

“Earlier, the driver of the vehicle responsible for the accident was found guilty by the Dubai Courts. He was however, released on a fine of Dh1,000. But I approached a lawyer for compensation. The matter was taken up in higher courts and the judgement was passed in my favour.”

“An initial offer was made which was not sufficient. The Court of Appeal at Dubai Courts upheld the complaint and said the injury was serious and the amount of compensation was inadequate. We, her lawyers, further argued that the medical report showed a considerable amount of distress caused to her following the accident,” explained Papinissery, Dhanaraj’s lawyer.

Accident Victim
Sindhu Dhanaraj lying in the hospital bed following her fateful road accident on June 4 2017 Image Credit: Supplied

A copy of her medical condition at the time of the accident is with Gulf News.

“Right now, I am trying to move on with my life. This money that I have received will go towards my treatment. I am not fully cured from my injuries. I will need life-long treatment.”

“I am just so happy that I finally received the compensation. For two years we have been fighting [for] our rights. Finally it is happening.”

Dhanaraj said she was married at the time the accident happened in Dubai. "My husband was my major support. He was there with me through and through. I thank God everyday for giving him in life."

What is heartening to also note is that before the accident Dhanaraj was struggling to conceive a child. But she is now a proud mother of a 10-month-old daughter. "My husband and I went through a rough patch. But I am glad things are looking up."

Dhanaraj returned to India for good in December 2018 for her child's delivery. "My husband still works in Dubai. Hopefully my daughter and I will join him soon."