GDRFA Dubai launches “ALSAADA” smart app for employee's first-degree relatives Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Immediate families of employees at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) will enjoy ‘Alsaada’ discount card by downloading it on their smartphones.

Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, Director General of GDRFA Dubai, launched the smart application on Apple and Android stores at a ceremony at the GDRFA headquarters in the presence of senior officials. He said that about 5,000 employees got the discount card and more than 40,000 people from their families will benefited from it.

“Immediate family members like husband, wife, mother, father and children above 18, will benefit from the card. The application will help them check latest offers and discounts. Happiness is part of our police, strategy and services,” Maj Gen Al Merri said in statement.

GDRFA Dubai said that the card was presented to 300 former employees too.