Video grab of a video release by Abu Dhabi Police showing how inattentive driving leads to accidents. Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have warned against getting distracted while driving and released a video clip, showing a number of traffic accidents that have occurred due to driver inattentiveness.

In an accompanying statement, police said that driver inattentiveness is the main cause of many serious traffic accidents in the emirate. This is why the violation is penalised with an Dh800 traffic fine and four black traffic points.

Distracted driving causes

The majority of cases of driver inattentiveness in Abu Dhabi occur when motorists use their smartphones while driving or are busy talking to passengers. Many motorists also become inattentive when fix their make-up while behind the wheel or take pictures.

Video clib

The video clip released by Abu Dhabi Police shows a silver sedan colliding with an SUV, which, in turn, collides with another vehicle in front. Another incident occurs when the distracted driver of a four-wheeler has to suddenly swerve when realising the risk of collision with the vehicle in front. The four-wheeler then skids across to the other side of the road and crashes into the railing. The third incident shows a black sedan crashing into a white vehicle, which ends up sustaining the brunt of the impact and sustains major damage.