190722 police patrols
Police patrols and paramedics at the site of the accident in Sharjah Industrial Area 8. The motorcyclist and his pillion rider were pronounced dead at the scene. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Two men died and two others were injured in a traffic accident that took place when a motorcyclist jumped a red light in Sharjah on Sunday evening, Sharjah Police told Gulf News on Monday.

The spokesperson of the Patrol and Traffic Department said the police operation room received a call on Sunday at around 7pm to report a collision between a bus and a motorcycle at an intersection at Industrial Area 8.

Police patrols and paramedics rushed to the site and found that an unlicensed motorcycle with two persons on it jumped the red signal, following which it collided with a bus that subsequently overturned.

The motorcyclist and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene, while two others in the bus were injured and taken to Al Qassimi Hospital.

The deceased and the injured were Asians, police said.

The unlicensed motorcycle had been plying the roads despite a recent campaign by Sharjah Police to curb them.

The police confiscated 1,393 unlicensed motorcycles and bicycles between July 1 and 8, as part of an ongoing traffic campaign.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Alay Al Naqbi, director of the Patrol and Traffic Department at Sharjah Police, said: “The campaign aims to stop cyclists and motorcyclists from riding against oncoming traffic as well as in prohibited areas such as highways.”

A number of cyclists and motorcyclists get involved in road accidents as they do not follow traffic rules.

Bicycles of errant cyclists will be permanently confiscated, Sharjah Police officials warned.

Lt Col Al Naqbi added that the campaign will cover all roads, especially during peak morning traffic hours.

“Most of those who move around on bicycles in industrial areas are violating the law,” he said.

The crackdown will also focus on cyclists and motorcyclists who do not wear helmets and fluorescent safety jackets at night.

Meanwhile, Sharjah Police recorded fewer red light jumpers so far this year as compared to the same period in 2018. The exact numbers were, however, not immediately available.

Police said “jumping the red light is one of the most serious traffic offences that often results in deaths or grave injuries. When a vehicle moves forward against a red light, the motorist is placing himself in front of oncoming traffic from the other direction which can lead to extremely serious collisions leading to fatalities.”

According to the amendment of the Federal Traffic Law, any motorist who jumps a red signal is fined Dh1,000, given 12 black points, and his vehicle is impounded for 30 days. A fine of Dh3,000 is levied for heavy vehicles.

Sharjah Police called on motorists to improve their behaviour on the road, especially when it comes to driving at traffic signals.