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According to the Passport Index, India has a visa-free score of 51 and we are really excited by some amazing countries on here that Indian nationals can travel to without applying for a visa. This means reasonable budgets and easy travelling.

Also, read our guide to visa-free countries for Filipino nationals.

S.No Visa on Arrival No visa required
1 Bolivia Bhutan
2 Cambodia Dominica
3 Cape Verde Ecuador
4 Comoros El Salvador
5 Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Fiji
6 Ethiopia Grenada
7 Guinea-Bissau Haiti
8 Hong Kong Indonesia
9 Jordan Jamaica
10 Kenya Macao
11 Laos Macedonia
12 Madagascar Gambia
13 Maldives Mauritius
14 Marshal Islands Micronesia
15 Mauritania Nepal
16 Mozambique Palestinian Territories
17 Palau Saint Kitts and Nevis
18 Saint Lucia Senegal
19 Samoa Serbia
20 Sri Lanka St. Vincent and the Grenadines
21 Seychelles Trinidad and Tobago
22 Suriname Vanuatu
23 Tanzania  
24 Thailand  
25 Timor-Leste  
26 Togo  
27 Tuvalu  
28 Uganda  
29 Ukraine