Dubai: Messaging apps usually only work if both ends have the same app. WhosHere, an Alexandria-based company which has a GPS-based app with the same name, has launched a new app — — in the region on Wednesday to make messaging simpler and communications more powerful.

“We sought to fix all the issues and make all electronic messages in one place. Users can send texts, photos, video, and voice messages from an em app user to any emails or SMS,” Stephen S. Smith, co-founder and COO of the company, told Gulf News.

He said that one of the advantages is that all my electronic messages land in one place instead of three different apps.

The second is the “take it back” facility. Any sent messages can be taken back and a long press on a message will delete it from the recipient’s phone for good.

“We are addressing a space that is between WhatsApp and other messaging apps and SMS. A non-em user can reply to the message and it will land in an em user’s tray,” he said.

He said the other feature is AKAs (also known as), which is a disposable screen alias. If a user doesn’t want to give someone his EM profile, he can create disposable screen names to chat with safety. AKAs are perfect for personal ads, networking and other apps.

“Users can create many AKAs they want and delete it one finished and no issues of spam. Interaction between the devices is encrypted.

It is available in Apple and Google app stores and available in 15 languages, including Arabic.

“GCC is an important market for us as we have close to nine million WhosHere users.

WhosHere app allows users to find other users with similar interests and connect with them real-time via free text, image messages and free VoIP calls without disclosing any personal information like mobile phone number, email, etc.

The app utilises GPS-location capabilities to interact with other people.

Smith said that WhosHere has 15 million registers users globally.

“We have a great opportunity to attract more than 150 million users with em app,” he said.